Rusty, Seamus, and North Tx Giving Day

September 19, 2018




We have had a lot of our seniors pass on over the summer, one of the hazards of rescuing seniors I guess, but no fun nonetheless. Rusty was the most recent. Sure will miss him. He really did sound like a rusty gate when he barked! He joins Cindylu, Casey, Mona, Sweetie, Spinelli, Jordan, Bowie, Stevie, Ava, and Maggie. 


Seamus we are celebrating~he had his dental and he feels so much better now...his breath smells much better too~He is a very happy guy with terrifically fat doxie feet.  Love him. He's looking for his forever home.


Tomorrow is North Texas Giving Day. For the first time Abby Road is registered. I have no idea what, if anything, will happen, but I'm excited to have successfully navigated the registration process anyway! Even with a great contract price from the Pet Loss Center and Dr. P's help with costs, the deaths and vetting ran high over the past 3-4 months.  


Please follow us on fb! Most of our updated info is there and on adoptapet.

Thank you!

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