dogs coming and going

December 9, 2016

we have gomez, a small chi boy, lola, a small black and tan doxie girl, a  chiweenie puppy girl, and a senior basset mix coming in today and tomorrow.  the puppy girl is going to a rescue out west and we saved her just in time from death in kingsville, tx. melissa, the basset mix senior, is being picked up from corpus christi by a wonderful student, tarah, who is coming home to dfw to visit family today. gomez and lola are both coming in from their foster, sherry green, to be sanctuary dogs until such time as someone sees how wonderful they are and adopts them! pics to come.


grampa is on 2 steroid pills a day to keep his ear tumor from bleeding down his face every hour. it's ridiculous  how much that thing bleeds!! the steroids keep that from happening. he's lost weight he could not afford to lose however, so i am watching him to make sure his quality of life is still good and he's still happy. when that is no longer the case, we will set him on his way to the bridge. i'm going to miss that scrappy old guy. he sure has taken to house life and pets. he loves getting pets. i'm thankful i got the chance to do right by him. 


Daisy has life and awareness in her eyes now that she did not have before!! crating her at night helps with her reluctance to go outside. she's TROTTING around the yard now also. she actually jumped around some in front of me the other day on the front porch...a first also~~


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