grampa's ear

October 13, 2016

poor grampa has had a tumor in his ear for goodness knows how long. we took him to dr. pipes in garland, tx to see about having it removed (even at his age) just in case it would increase his life quality. sadly, grampa's ear tumor has grown around nerves that affect his motor skills. if they remove the tumor, he will lose movement in half of his face. so we're not removing the tumor. grampa is a happy, alert guy and so much more aware and attention-seeking than when he first came. we're going to make him as comfortable as possible. his vet bill was 131. daisy the 15 year old doxie girl cannot have her dental yet because her liver is not functioning properly. her bill was 96. both bills included meds. please donate to either or both and help our seniors. they deserve a wonderful quality of life too.

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